Saturday, May 1, 2010

Coming Along

Well, I am proud to announce that I have completed all the neccesary paperwork for both my home university and the host university of the study abroad program. I have also done the online study abroad orientation successfully. All that's left is my student loan paperwork and getting down to the post office and obtaining a passport, which up to this point has been complicated by the fact that the hours during which the local post office processes passports are during the time I'd have classes.

This will soon change, however, because I have now finished classes for the semester as of this last Monday. I have had most of my finals this last week, and have only one more to go before I am finished with the entire semester! That will be nice.

Also, after much research and a few trips into various local bookstores to price-check, I have ordered and obtained my travel guides that I'll be taking with me. They are: Frommer's London Free & Dirt Cheap, Frommer's Best Daytrips from London, and Let's Go: a Student Guide to London, Oxford, Cambridge, and Edinburgh. My reasoning is that the "London Free & Dirt Cheap" will help me get around London itself, the "Best Daytrips" book will help in exploring other areas, and the "Let's Go" student guide will add the student budget aspect into some of the specific places to which I know I will be going. All three of these books are newly published in the last month or so. I am more than happy to take personal recommendations from friends and family as well.

I've been trying to calculate what shoes to take with me, because I think I'll be doing a good bit of walking and unless I wear the right shoes I'm hobbling along by the end of the day. Have also been thinking over what clothes etc. to take, although what keeps throwing me for a loop is that it will be nothing like the summer weather I am used to--which reminds me, I'm still researching umbrellas.

That's about all of the updates I can think of right now.

I will write again once more incidents occur.

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