Thursday, July 29, 2010

King's College: Maughan Library

Since we have been staying in some of King's College's dorms (which they rent out during the summer), and using their computer labs and some of their classrooms, we were very excited to go to one of the other campuses of King's College and visit the Maughan Library (sounds like Monn). The Maughan Library is located in the Strand campus of King's college, which is the only non-health-related site of King's College, and the only one North of the Thames (which, if I haven't mentioned before, is pronounced the same as Tim's). The Maughan Library is housed in the former Public Record Office (which eventually became the National Archives and moved to another location), built in 1851. It is a grade II historical building, which can be a bit difficult when you need to do something like switch out the entrance/exit hall equipment for better security measures. The building, renovated when the Maughan Library moved in, has 1,000 reading places, 330 computer places, and 3/4 million items (they know that specific number very well, because they ended up having to count every item by hand!). It is not a public library, but anyone who has a serious need is welcome to use it. The library is constantly evaluating itself and changing to fit readers' needs and wants, most recently with free wireless and social seating areas for student groups to work together. Librarians are about to begin a practice of roving the halls to answer questions and in general be helpful, smiling faces--they can't wait to see what students will think of it.
Image from the Maughan Library Wikipedia page.

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