Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What I did on Wednesday

I'm in the last few days of this study abroad experience--can you believe it?
Things as they are, each day is doubly precious--I wake up and wonder, What shall I do with my last Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday in the UK? Since you are taking the trouble of reading this, you are very likely wondering with me, and are more than ready for me to just tell you.
Monday, as I might have put down before, was mainly occupied with moving back into my dorm room (such small space was never before appreciated as when it was my very own, all to myself!) and running a few errands, which delineated into Covent Garden Market, which as it turns out is an antique market on Mondays. Considering all the ironies I have had on this trip, it of course makes sense that I found this out on my last Monday. Don't worry, I'm laughing (quietly, as this is a No Sound Zone computer lab) as I type. Anywho, I'm mentioning this because I found an amazingly intact girls' reading magazine from 1906! If that wasn't amazing enough, its price (£1) made my jaw drop. So that, and blogging like crazy to get caught up on posting (since all y'all are actually reading this, I had a quilty conscience about being so late!) was my Monday.
Tuesday was...what was Tuesday? Ah, yes. Tuesday was our first class meeting back, finding out that morning that I was going to be talking at a Research symposium Friday night, and after that figuring out what my topic would be. Trying to get as much research done as possible, catching up on email. And the really neat trip to the Royal Geographic Society, about which I have just written.
Wednesday (today) was making myself sleep until a certain time (I was excited enough that I kept waking up, well that and the seagulls were up and I'd forgotten my earplugs at first), then getting up and getting around very quickly. I set out for Camden Town, aka the Goths/Hippies/Whatever hangout of London, the kind of place that can be cool to visit for a bit but you wouldn't want to live in or near. I'm pretty sure a valid clearance deal there would be something like buy two comical t-shirts, get a pair of fuzzy handcuffs at halfprice. The reason that I went there today was that there was a certain t-shirt that was actually both funny and clean --in a movie rating sort of way, I mean, although there were some funky fragrances in the area-- that I'm pretty sure you couldn't find anywhere else.
Then I made my way over to the Strand, where the Twinings (tea) store is located, and as a matter of fact has been located for about 300 years and counting. I had my list from various family members, and had fun poking around the store and looking at all the teas available before making my purchases.
After that, it was further down the same Tube line and around to Baker Street, where I visited the home of a certain literary detective. Those who wish to visit The Sherlock Holmes Museum, be forewarned that a wait outside will, in all probability, be involved. How it works is that you go inside the msueum shop (located next to the museum itself) and purchase your ticket there, then join the nice long queue outside the museum. I think I spent just as much time waiting outside as I did in the museum, but it's for good reasons--the museum is in a real lodging-house from the era of Sherlock Holmes, and as such is rather small and can only fit so many people at a time. Meanwhile, while you are waiting there's such amusements as others in line (I overheard a young girl arguing with her mother something about "obviously" Sherlock Holmes must be real, since there was a museum dedicated to him) and the guard at the door (dressed as a period policeman) is equipped with Sherlock Holmes hat and pipe for photo opportunities, as well as a Watson bowler if there's two of you. I enjoyed my visit very much.
After a quick watch check, I made my way over to Covent Garden and hunted down its movie theater, or if you want to ask a local for directions, cinema. I made it with five minutes to spare for a playing of "The Rebound," a romantic comedy starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Justin Bartha. If the guy's name doesn't ring a bell, he's the one who played Nic Cage's sidekick Reilly in "National Treasure." Still can't see the two of them together? That's the point of the movie, which was surprisingly good. You can tell it was made for the UK (more cursewords and references to couple's intimacy), but it wasn't the average rom-com plot line (in a good way). The ending is a happily ever after, as it should be, but I couldn't tell how the actual resolution would occur until it actually happened.
As you are skimming over all that I have described so far, you might notice one important detail missing: lunch. This is because it was only after the movie, when I was trying to figure out why exactly I was feeling kind of light-headed, that I realized (at a little bit before 5) that the last time I had eaten was breakfast. Those who know me know I'm not the type to skip meals randomly; I had honestly forgotten, and my stomach had never gotten hungry and reminded me. I quickly remedied the omission with a filling early dinner, and have been feeling better and better ever since.
After that it was back to the computer lab for email and blogging, and finding out that I will not be speaking after all on Friday. I'm looking forward to being a member of the audience, and learning about what everyone else has been looking up.
And here is where I must conclude, for it is where my Wednesday concludes as well. Goodnight.
This image is something I just did for fun on Paint :) If I had a personal logo, it might be a swirl like this.

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