Monday, July 26, 2010


During my minibreak I was able to take two daytrips into Oxford, and enjoyed every minute of them.
If you think I'm holding some things back from the blog, you are very astute. Since I do not like publishing too much personal information on the world wide web, I will not post about the friends I stayed with during minibreak or what we did together, because I think that would be violating their privacy. If you know me personally I will be happy to "dish" on more details that I'm not posting as soon as I return home on August 1st--well, and maybe had some sleep, it'll be late when I actually arrive, and I will have been up for almost 20 hours straight at that point.
So, anywho, back to what I am posting about.... OXFORD!
I have just recently discovered (with help from friends) the great system known as the Oxford Tube. Savvy people may know that "the tube" is local slang for the metro system of London, but the Oxford Tube is a series of buses which run back and forth between London and Oxford 24/7 for pretty good prices and happens to be only slightly slower than (much more expensive) trains running the same basic route. It also happens to be air-conditioned, with storage space for luggage. The only drawbacks are that it's a red  doubledecker--not a drawback in of itself, just harder to spot with similar-looking buses everywhere-- and that it isn't necessarily on time with its ideal timetable, because it does take time to load people onto the bus when they're each buying their own ticket.
So on Friday and Saturday I made my way over to Victoria Station and the Oxford Tube stop located on a nearby streetcorner, bought my ticket (first time I was forgetful and got an Adult same-day return, second day I remembered to get a Student same-day return), then made my way to a comfy seat and settled in for the ride. Both days I dozed off on the way in, missing about half the trip on Friday and almost all of it on Saturday--but apparently I've inherited my dad's knack for waking up right before arriving at the destination, so it was okay. I hopped off at the stop closest to wherever I wanted to go, and started into my day.
On Friday, I was determined to get some good research done. Those who have read the very first posts will know that I was hoping to write a research paper on the Oxford Univeristy libraries as seen through literature and film. After researching thoroughly on Friday, I am now looking at other options for my research paper topic. I'll let you know what I'm researching once I have talked it over with my profs and definitely decided. The highlight of Friday was the moment I was handed my very own Bodleian Library Reader's Card! I had a really hard time not giggling my way out of the admissions office, but I was trying to act like a serious adult researcher --which I am, when I haven't just been handed a key to one of my most favorite (and one of the most famous) libraries in the world-- so I just barely managed.
Saturday was my fun day. I made my way through the Ashmolean Museum (which is like the British Museum's older and less flashy, but still just as substantial brother) and the Oxford University Museum of Natural History (which I have to admit was really good, even though my original aim in entering was just to see the Oxford Dodo). Inbetween I walked down to Alice's Shop in hopes of procuring a box of Mad Hatter tea, but the queue to just get in the building was filling the block, and the last box had just been grabbed. I also visited the Eagle and Child Pub, also known as the Bird and Baby and the common meeting place of The Inklings (JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, and Charles Williams). Unfortunately for me, I arrived at the height of the lunch rush, so the place was stuffed to the gills with people, and more were coming in every moment. I weighed my options and ate my lunch elsewhere, content with my viewing of the Rabbit Room where the Inklings had met. When not occupied in a museum or literary pilgrimage (yes, Oxford is the main namesake of this blog) I simply breathed in Oxford and took a few extra pictures to look back upon.
As for today, Monday, July 26th, it was a simple day. I moved back into my room at Stamford Street, blogged a good bit, ran a few small errands--mainly procuring fruit to eat for breakfast, although I did manage to snag a girls' reading magazine from September 1906 for £1. My last Monday in the UK was short and sweet.
I now count myself fully caught up on this blog (for now at least). More adventures tomorrow!
Image from the Oxford Wikipedia page

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