Thursday, July 8, 2010

One Final Post Before Dinner

I've been in the computer lab for a while now typing everything up, and I'm really ready to take a break and eat, but I have a few more things to share with y'all before I do.
First, a bit of irony: Oxford is having an Alice day, and I'm going to miss it! But this irony is here because of a very special reason: I'm going to Paris! Louvre, here I come. I may not be able to post about my weekend's adventures until I get back at the end of the weekend, but I'll do so when I can.
One ad that I haven't minded seeing umpteen times in the Tube (that's the London metro, in case I haven't mentioned that) is these really neat ads called Tube or False? Each one has an intriguing statement about the Tube's role in the development of London, then asks you whether you know it is true or false. The link is to the website, which is the only way you can actually find out whether you were right or not.
Do you want to hear more about what's going on in this study abroad trip, but are tired of hearing me yak about it (say it ain't so) or just want to hear someone else's side of the story? Here's some of the travel blogs of my classmates, Jade, Nicole, Ella, and Allison. I have not read every single word on their blogs, so I apologize if there's something there you don't like, but I hope you may enjoy the possibility of reading someone else's account every now and then.
I'm off to eat and pack! I'll write more later.

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