Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Around the Dorm (Last Picture Post)

I wanted to give you a small taste of my home away from home :)
Presenting a few small vignettes:
my room, from the window
my room, from the door
door to the flat--
note that the fire door is propped open with a fire extinguisher;
this was the only way for air to circulate at all,
and was banned as soon as it was noticed by responsible people who lived elsewhere
the dorm was a haven for such quiet birds as this one,
as well as some not-so-quiet birds--
like the seagulls who started screaming at about 4:00 every morning.
our front door, viewed from across the street
hanging out in the laundry room,
affectionately known as "the dungeon"
for both its subterannean location and basic comfort level,
which was in the same building as the dorms but accessed by a door down the street
housekeeping :)
contents of my refridgerator during the last week:
my daily fruit, a small stash of chocolate,
and a whole lot of water bottles (I actually had a couple more)
these stairs led from the lobby area to the courtyard;
we had the fun of rolling our suitcases down them at the beginning
and hoisting luggage up them at the end of the month
the stairs also included the two bulletin boards that were our main source of information
posted hither and thither about the courtyard--
any sound could be heard by anyone in the inner ring of rooms
stairwell-- the only way that you knew whether or not
you had reached your floor was
by peeking around the corner towards the elevator!
keys, both traditional and card form
(and the ring is a joke between me and my mom, not real)

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