Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Rest of Paris

I liked the local architecture
Memorial by the Jewish community for the Holocaust
The Wall of the Righteous Among the Nations,
for all who helped the Jews in Paris during the Holocaust
stopping in for some delightful sorbet when rain caught us without umbrellas
Notre Dame garden
Notre Dame
a historical and well-known bookshop
another bookshop, less well-known
and there it is!
my apologies for the number of pictures on a single subject,
I wanted to see how many good pictures of it I could get.
about to walk under
I like pictures of people taking pictures. Notice the camera in the bottom-right corner?
This was as dusk was falling (about 10:00 at night) and they were starting to turn on the lights.
my group went on a river cruise, which started and ended at the tower.
This is when we got back, maybe around 11:30?
Midnight at the Arche de Triomphe :)
me and a professor friend
NEVER try to cross the street at the Arche!
There's usually an underground passage if you want to go to the Arche de Triomphe,
but it closes at midnight.
Sunday morning at Notre Dame. We went to a Gregorian Mass.
inside Notre Dame
there were two sides that portrayed significant events in Jesus' life:
the first portrayed the events of the Nativity,
the second portrayed the Passion (before, during and after)
this is from the second side, featuring such events as doubting Thomas seeing Christ
the center area of Notre Dame, for services
the outside of Notre Dame
the view from our table at lunch
saying goodbye to our Paris hotel
the countryside, on the way to the ferry at Calais

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