Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Around London

While all of these pictures are from various parts of London,
 they were not all taken around the same time.
I've got a little bit of everything thrown together in this one post:
some from the first week, some from other weeks,
even a few from the last day.
Nelson at Trafalgar

incoming tube
live music at Covent Garden
that's a real person--
there were a few people posing as statues like this;
this one was my favorite

Royal Albert Hall,
where the BBC Proms festival is held
Admittedly, I did not shop there. Just gawked.
from one of the tube stations
this is how they tell tourists which way to look for oncoming traffic!
the original Twinings tea store;
they have been in this location for over 300 years!
another tube station,
one of the rare ones with more than a single rail in view
this made me think of the Inception trailer
this made me feel a little claustrophobic
the ship-in-a-bottle at Trafalgar
an Agatha Christie murder mystery play,
where the ending is different every performance!
the Laurence Olivier statue on the South Bank,
near the National Theatre
Leicester Square Odeon,
where all the movie premieres are held
...it's also where handprints occur.
The National Gallery
Trafalgar Square
near Leicester and Trafalgar Squares
Near Leicester Square;
we were always tempted to go in and see what their accent was.
Leicester Square tube stop
tube ad for the London Eye
Pedestrian traffic center
a typical tube stop

Big Ben
one of my favorite advertisements, featuring the "A Team"
a designated "busking" spot in the tube,
where musicians would set up and play to earn money.
The poster reads, "Let Music Transport You"

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