Saturday, August 28, 2010

the Victoria and Albert Museum of Design

the Victoria and Albert, aka the V&A,
looks quite impressive, even from across the street
Hanging from the middle of the entryway
From the gallery on stained glass and sacred silver
An original letter from Beatrix Potter to the son of her former governess,
with a small story that she thought might amuse him while he was feeling under the weather.
We know the story as the Tale of Peter Rabbit.
Beatrix also liked to illustrate scenes from her favorite books,
such as Alice in Wonderland
Peter Rabbit in various languages
a book tower built in the curve of a stairway,
part of an exhibition on what architects can do with small spaces.
You could climb up in it and look around a bit,
but since I could see it wiggle with each step I wasn't too particularly inclined to do so!

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