Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The First Weekend

That's the London Eye behind me!
See? And that's Big Ben on the other side of the river.
View from one of the bridges...
Behind the Legally Blonde musical's sign is the Savoy Hotel!
Covent Garden is AWESOME :)
Trafalgar Square
Queen's Cavalry Guards, who do not move but evidently can smile, when provoked by silly tourists
One of the many amazing memorials around town
My walking group on Saturday (only 2 people, on the far left, are in my class)
detail of an amazing building,
part of the Imperial War Museum that's the original war rooms of WWII.
Does this need a subtitle, or do you know what it is?

London's Supreme Courts building. The medieval-looking stuff is only a couple of years old.
Me at Westminster Abbey!

More of  Westminster Abbey...
Did not expect the ones that stuck their tongues out!
Every detail was amazing.
And then, in the midst of the mindblowing intricacies, they had these really plain clocks!

All dolled up for the official Reception.

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