Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Louvre!

outside, about to venture into the courtyard
first glimpse of the pyramid

the intriguing contrast between old magnificence and sleek modern

under the pyramid, while waiting in line for tickets

being silly in the Louvre
(yes, that is a bathtub!)
the Muse of the Louvre
I'm ashamed to say I cannot remember this figure's name,
but she's the one in Greek mythology who would only marry the man who could outrun her.
I thought this was meant to have that amazing depth in the eyes,
but apparently they used to be filled with jewels.

looking up the staircase for a bit of context
see how high Winged Victory resides?
there are GORGEOUS ceilings throughout the Louvre

Where's Waldo?, famous art edition
the one and only

another "ceiling alert"

Artemis, entirely out of stone
you might have guessed by now that I spent half the time staring up at the ceiling ;)

Venus de Milo

Cupid and Psyche
the reverse pyramid

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