Saturday, August 28, 2010

On Boats

After looking at how long the last photo post ended up being, I've decided to try keeping things a bit shorter.
Here are just a few photos, from the ferry ride back from Calais to Dover --by the way, the White Cliffs of Dover really are white! After getting used to anything called "new" being hundreds of years old, it kind of surprised me to see that the White Cliffs are really and truly snow white--and then a snapshot or two from our boat ride back on the Thames on the way to Greenwich (which will be covered in another post).
This is me being silly and gaping at the piece of chocolate that's as big as a car's bumper,
on sale in one of the shops on the ferry

The view on the ferry's deck

if you look very carefully on the horizon to the right,
you may see a ship just like the one I was on.

Back on the Thames, the London Bridge if I am not mistaken

Does this building remind anyone else of the Jetson's?

A very chic police building

Next: Greenwich

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