Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Upon Arrival...

Upon arrival at Heathrow, we were escorted to a number of large buses/coaches, which reminded me of large caterpillars with these mirror "antennae."

My room, from one end--shortly after I first walked into it. 
The small closet-looking door is where the bathroom (which is the size of a airplane lavatory) is located, and opposite the small refrigerator is where the small bed is located.

The bed.

My room, viewed from the door. You can see I haven't even laid the suitcases down yet.

Most of the bathroom. There's an extra foot and a half or so to the left, which is the shower.
Interesting outdoor furniture over by the National Theatre,
on our class neighborhood walk during the first evening in the UK.

A classmate also had her camera handy for the scenic views.

It's the THAMES!

Every day of the Summer, for several years now, local art students construct sand sculptures.
They always start with the sand couch, "so they can rest on it while they are tired."

In a phonebooth at Leicester Square!

I was lucky enough to find a phonebooth that did not stink too badly.

Ship in a bottle at Trafalgar Square.

We finished our evening in the Texas Embassy Cantina, which gave a good try.
The building actually was the headquarters of the White Line cruise company, where first the tickets for the Titanic were sold, and later where the notices of survivors were placed.

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