Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Memorial for the Deported of WWII Paris

While I am wrapping up the rest of Paris (including the Eiffel Tower and other sights) into a single post, I decided that this one piece of Paris deserved its own space.
If you only want the cheery parts of Paris, you may skip this post. But this was something that moved me.
this memorial is dedicated to all those who were deported from Paris during the Holocaust,
not just the jews, but all of the "unsuitables."

this board describes all those who were deported, with illustrations of the patches affixed to each group at the bottom of the board. Notice that all of the patches are comprised of triangles.
everything in the seemingly bare space was composed of triangles,
in memory of the patches affixed to each deportee

"They were taken to the other side of the world...and did not come back"
Each miniscule piece of glass represents someone who was deported

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