Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The British Museum (Caution: Photographer on the Loose!)

In case you were wondering, the British Museum is BIG
Group picture :)
the amazing middle of the museum,
 which used to be the British Library, until it got too big and moved out
from the Enlightenment gallery, where I spent at least an hour
the middle was too amazing to leave at one photo... all of the galleries are gathered around the edges, that's the Enlightenment gallery with the columns on the right.
from the Enlightenment gallery...notice the ships on the seashell?
I knew it wasn't the Rosetta Stone,
but I enjoyed watching people's reactions to it who hadn't realized that!
It was really neat to be able to look up close at the very close copy of the Rosetta Stone.
feel free to zoom if possible, it's a good enough picture to see details. If zooming isn't possible, let me know and I'll post a close-up!
A look down the Enlightenment gallery!
An ancestor to some form of stringed instrument, with amazing carvings along the sides.
The original print, drawn not from seeing the rhino, but from accounts of those who had
The British Museum has so much stuff,
even the staircases are packed with stuff from the second century!
An item which intrigued me.
See all of the Egyptian hieroglyphs engraved in it?
This head was really large! No label for it, though. 
Isn't this neat? It's the entrance to an area comprised of Assyrian walls.
I found this rather fitting:
the "god" which guarded the walls of Assyria, beheaded and in the museum of a foreign land
I felt chills when I saw this: it's a section of the walls portraying the successful seige by the Assyrians of one of the great Hebrew towns, as told in the Bible.
There wasn't any details about this bust,
in the middle of a large area with many countries and time periods represented
A representation of an ancient temple
and the figures from the original
part of the Elgin Marbles, now known as the Parthenon collection
(perhaps to distance itself from the history of its journey from its homeland,
 and all those who campaign for its return?)
an Egyptian cat,
which was featured in a poster my mom has from Berlin
(when it was there on exhibition many years ago)
from Easter Island
I have to admit, it makes me think of the gum-loving character in Night at the Museum.
A Bible!
An amazingly detailed scene in gold
There was an amazing exhibition featuring centuries of Chinese jade
from the Aztec/Incan/South American room

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