Saturday, August 28, 2010

Greenwich Time

The old Royal Naval College (and Queen Anne's Cottage in the background)
View of the Royal Observatory from below
Marker on the grounds of the old Royal Naval College
The National Maritime Museum
The portal into the Caird Library, in the National Maritime Museum
Pigeons were so common, signs were posted: "Do NOT Feed the Birds!"
Mary Poppins would be appalled.
Arriving at the Old Observatory, which called itself "Home of Time and Space," because of Greenwich Mean Time and the Prime Meridian, respectively.
These were amazing flowers--they might look like Dandelions,
but they were bigger than a person's head.
The Prime Meridian
Me on the Prime Meridian (in two hemispheres at once!)
Part of the exhibits were these cards,
filled out by visitors on the theme of "Time Stood Still for Me When..."
A super sweet card
"Wanna go ride bikes?"
A view of Greenwich and London, from the Royal Observatory

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