Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sherlock Holmes Museum

The Baker Street tube station was part of the World's First Underground Railway,
the London Tube. The original stations were dug by hand,
as this was before any related machinery came to be.
Until recently, there was no 221B Baker Street address,
which would explain why a fictional character lived there.
However, the place now known as 221B
is an original boardinghouse of the time period
in which the Sherlock Holmes series is set.
what you do while you wait in line to go inside...
they also had a Watson bowler hat if there were two of you.
I could have done a better (less dorky and/or awkward) pose,
but I'd seen far too many people put that pipe in their mouths!
I was keeping it as far away as possible.
Sherlock's laboratory and violin, in the parlor area
nerd's delight
the desk, and my elephant of the day
(by the way, the books are of the series)
this is a real candle burning!
Sherlock Holmes' bedside
the man, the myth, the legend, the fictional character...
this made me laugh--salt and pepper shakers!
there were also dummies demonstrating various dramatic scenes
This contained a motion sensor, and sounded like a dinosaur roaring.
Or, rather, like a sound-effect of a dinosaur roaring.
Part of Baker Street tube station

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