Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Ashmolean Museum

and this is a side door, not the main door!
demonstrating the fit of ancient horse tackle
these are usually what you see in books!
looking through the entire museum in a single glance
another neat view across multiple levels and exhibits of the museum
this may look like an Asian language...
...but it's really English written in box form-- see some familiar words?
There was an entire gallery of elephants!
each item made by a patron represents something in the museum's collections;
each of the stand's levels stands for a floor or level of the museum
looking up the middle of the museum
one of the few Greek/Roman statues of a non-deity,
"The Old Fisherman"
The number is a count of how many times the left side has been touched.
I had to poke it a couple of times to test it.
It also climbed up a bit as I watched without touching, though,
so it's not entirely accurate.
It's still a good illustration of the wear and tear from touching.
Powhatan's Cloak!

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