Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oxford University's Museum of Natural History

a hare, not a rabbit
an aardvark, in the flesh
kiwi bird
to put it in perspective, the guy on the right is really tall
looking for the Oxford Dodo...
not finding it in the downstairs section, I made my way up
...and simply found a bird's eye view of the bird section I had just left
...as well as the other areas I had walked through
(anyone spot the dodo?)
while I enjoyed the view,
it was closing time and I had yet to find the Dodo.
So I went back downstairs and asked.
voila! turns out it was in the middle of the fossils section, not the birds
the head all the way to the right on the shelf
and the feet near the top left corner are all that remains of the original Oxford Dodo,
the only one brought alive to Oxford.

thankfully, they also have a cool skeleton

evil White Rabbit?

an entire display on Lewis Carroll's Alice, featuring animals from the narrative

see the hedgehog?
these footprints are from the local area!

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